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Meditation Descriptions

Meditation is often misunderstood. You do not have to go into a cave in the Himalayas to learn to meditate. All it takes is a few minutes, consistently in your day. The effects of a few minutes of meditation in the morning will carry into your day, and the people that you live with will also feel the effects. There have been many scientific studies on the enormous benefits.

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Meditation has many benefits that include:

*Finding peace and happiness within ourselves

*Stress release

*Health benefits

*Assist us with attention and controlling our thoughts

*Connection with the Divine, God, Universal Intelligence- the infinite source of wisdom

Meditation will not eliminate life’s problems or fears but will help give you the confidence and perspective to work through them. It will return you to the “natural” state of your mind that allows happiness and wisdom to flow. Clarity will flow in and calmness.

These seven meditations are all guided meditation. All you need to do is find a comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed and listen to my voice. They are audio MP3 files that can be downloaded.

There is an analogy that compares our mind to a river. A river that is swiftly flowing is full of rocks and sediments. A calm river allows you to see the bottom and all the beautiful river rocks. It is the same with our thoughts and minds. A quiet mind will let you see and think clearly. It will provide the pause to think and delay a quick reaction.

Be patient with yourself. Some days will be more comfortable than others. Some days, all you will think about is that list for the grocery store or the critical assignment you need to prepare for work. That is alright. Do not have any judgments. It will take time to flow into the practice. Remember, when thoughts come, let them go, like clouds in the sky.

Letting Go Meditation

This is a powerful practice of accepting and letting go. You will relax and become aware of the present moment without resistance. This practice will help you shift to a more peaceful you. This is a guided five-minute meditation with music.

Drop the Suitcase of Worry Meditation

This meditation will help you release anxiety. It includes a visualization for releasing the weight we carry about fears of the future or regrets from the past.

Attract Love Mediation

In this meditation, you will open your heart chakra and feel the energy of giving and receiving love. If you feel negative energy around you or if you are feeling upset, use this meditation to change the negative energy to a feeling of love and warmth. This meditation is also great if you want to attract a relationship in your life.

Meditation for Peace and Harmony

This meditation will create qualities of peace, harmony, joy, and love. This meditation helps to stimulate your vagus nerve using a simple breathing technique. The vagus nerve connects our brain to our body. It starts in the brain stem and then goes down to the jaw, digestive tract, lungs, heart, and then onward to the esophagus, stomach, liver, kidney, and intestines. The health of the vagus nerve is important because it keeps us alive. It also branches out to all seven chakras.

Rise and Shine Meditation

Morning meditation with music containing affirmations to help you switch on the happiness button in your brain and have a peaceful, beautiful, brilliant day.

Self-Love Meditation

This is a powerful practice that can ease a racing mind. By drawing our attention to our Innermost self, we find our source of inner peace and acceptance. Stressful thoughts gently diminish as we gain the peace required to move forward with grace.

Crystal Castle Meditation for Receiving Spiritual Guidance

You will be guided to enter a magical crystal castle with a visualization method to receive and reflect positive energy. You will then connect to the energy and essence of your spirit guides or teachers who will help you. In this connection, you will find space to feel and receive love and peace in your life.

Hi, I’m Gloria.

Gloria is a transformation life coach, spiritual teacher, and author. She received her Master in Education from the University of Florida and her life coaching certification from the Universal Coach Institute. Her articles have appeared in Huffington Post and divorcedmoms.com. Gloria brings over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience to her work. She is the proud mother of two grown sons.

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