Visualization is a powerful technique that uses your imagination to create positive changes in your life. This course explains the Visualization Process, including why it works and its history. You will then create your In-Depth Vision for your life using the provided worksheet. Then I will guide you through a visualization process. To reinforce the concept, I have included a manifesting mindset meditation.

Listen to the guided visualization audiotape daily to open the door to your dreams. A guided visualization helps you relax and concentrate on your images. All you need to do is listen to the sound of my voice.

When you get in a taxi, you give the driver the address for your destination. You are clear on where you want to go and have confidence that the taxi driver will take a direct route to your destination. Your vision is your roadmap; it is your destination.



Hi, I’m Gloria.

Gloria is a transformation life coach, spiritual teacher, and author. She received her Master in Education from the University of Florida and her life coaching certification from the Universal Coach Institute. Her articles have appeared in Huffington Post and Gloria brings over 35 years of entrepreneurial experience to her work. She is the proud mother of two grown sons.

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What are your ideal surroundings?

Who is there with you?

How does it feel?